Our Purpose

To advocate for a local judiciary that is experienced, competent, impartial, and accountable to all who seek justice.

Our Roots

Bexar PAC was formed in 1991 by concerned local physicians and others as result of concern that the justice system in Bexar County being heavily and unduly influenced by the trial attorney bar, resulting in repeated miscarriages of justice, most notably in cases of medical liability (malpractice). The spark that ignited action by physicians was a most egregious ruling against a popular local family physician in a malpractice case.  That lawsuit brought to the forefront of the consciousness of the medical community the very real concern that some trial attorneys may have excessive influence with some judges.

Recognizing that physicians, as opposed to trial attorneys, had never participated in the election process at the level of the District Courts, Bexar PAC was then formed to correct that deficiency. With the financial support of the medical community, Bexar PAC became a potent voice for fairness at the courthouse.  It was this case that served as the springboard by which Bexar PAC was created.  In order to assure that physicians are fairly heard at the Courthouse and not discounted in favor of the moneyed trial attoreys.  Bexar PAC levels the playing field so that good and decent judges needn’t fear financial retribution from those trial attorneys who might use their wallets against those who don’t support their positions.  Bexar PAC does not seek favoritism, but only asks that we put Judges on the bench with experience, wisdom and, most importantly, a commitment to be fair and just to all parties.

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