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Stephani Walsh, 407th District Court

BexarPAC has supported Ms. Walsh in past races, and we have not been disappointed. She’s highly experienced, having practiced law for 35 years, and had a career as an ED nurse before entering law school. She has served as a Civil District Judge in Bexar County, and is highly regarded by her peers.


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Renée Yanta, Chief Justice, 4th Court of Appeals

This is an important race, and both candidates are well-funded. Contributions to Ms. Yanta are from a large variety of sources, including physicians, large and small businesses, non-profits, and major employers; her opponent is funded largely by the plaintiffs’ bar.

joseph appelt

Joseph Appelt, 37th District Court

Mr. Appelt has 27 years trial experience and 7 years as a Municipal Court judge.  He has little experience in malpractice litigation, but is quite well-versed in issues such as qualifying expert witnesses, and has experience arguing appeals at the Texas Supreme Court.

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